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AFSCME Local 4041 Legal Defense Fund:

Public Safety Protection Program For Members

You spoke and we listened! AFSCME Public Safety Members can now have peace of mind with outstanding legal representation provided by the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC). PORAC Legal Defense Fund is the nation's largest and most successful legal defense fund run by and for public safety officers.

The Supreme Court is a fundamental pillar of our democracy and exists to protect the rights and freedoms of everyone. However, our judicial system has become a weapon of powerful, corporate interests to strip working people of their rights to organize, to be safe at work and to receive equal justice under the law. For years, corporate interest groups have put millions of dollars into lobbying senators to confirm judges who will do their bidding on the bench.

Carson City, Nevada – Correction Officers from AFSCME Local 4041 in Nevada are calling on the Nevada Department of Corrections, (NDOC) administrators to immediately address understaffing and cease hiring staff that are not adequately trained to keep inmates and the public safe, in light of the crisis situation occurring in NDOC right now.

By uniting with the largest public employee union in the country, you’ll have the power to get things done at your workplace. Together, we have a powerful voice to protect workers’ rights and our jobs, pay, benefits, working conditions and public services.

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