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In 2019, after coming together with other Nevada state employees as AFSCME, we fought for and won collective bargaining rights. We became the first bargaining unit to certify as AFSCME, because only AFSCME has the resources and expertise to ensure corrections officers and forensic specialists get the respect on the job and safe working conditions we deserve.  

When the state tried to put the 2020 budget shortfall on the backs of state employees, we organized and fought back as AFSCME – protecting our annual merit increases and our jobs.  

In 2021, we ratified our first-ever collective bargaining agreement as AFSCME – gaining 6% in wage increases, developing a fairer grievance process, and setting standards that improve our working conditions. While our employer has resisted our efforts to enforce our contract, we haven’t backed down – because having a contract and a strong voice on the job means respect.  

Unfortunately, a fraternal organization with no experience with corrections in Nevada wants to come in and take credit for our contract and sell empty promises.   

By negotiating as AFSCME, we are unifying as over 5000 Nevada state employees, over 60,000 corrections officers and 1.4 million AFSCME members across the country - bringing that strength and power to the bargaining table. 

We are currently in negotiations for our second contract, to further strengthen what we have achieved as AFSCME; and we must stay unified.  

Forming our union and having a contract was never the end goalthe work always continues, and we must get involved, talk to our coworkers and build our power to make change.  

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Together, as AFSCME, we can continue to make improvements to our lives and working conditions.