Even With a Little Snow, Public Service Never Stops

When the snow comes in, Nevada Highway Maintenance Workers have been ready for days. Keeping the state moving smoothly during inclement weather is a source of pride for Highway Maintenance Workers, especially in the winter months in northern Nevada. “It’s all hands on deck and we make it a priority,” says Maurice S., a Highway Maintenance Worker in Reno, NV.

These Nevada Department of Transportation employees go out in the days before a snow storm to brine the roads to prevent icing. Then they prepare themselves for 12 hour shifts to clear the roads when the snow fall hits. Keeping the roads clear during a snow storm is a 24-hour job and takes a everyone in the Highway Maintenance department to come together and do their part.

Their preparation and dedication were on display this past Monday, the opening day of the Nevada State Legislature. With everything in place to start the 120-day legislative session, it was imperative for the state to be open so the session could start on time. It came down to state employees to make sure the Legislative building was safe to access, and the roads leading to Carson City were clear and safe.   

To Maurice, Monday was just another day at NDOT: “Every day we go to work on the roads, because it’s not just for the state employees and Legislators that need to get to work, but for our families and everyone too. And ourselves; we see the roads on our drive into work and are reminded of the importance of what we do.”  

Maurice hopes the Legislators take note and remember the excellent services state employees provide, not just on snow days but year-round, when they vote on Collective Bargaining legislation later this year. “We take pride in our work, but currently there is not much we can do when issues at the workplace arise. Collective bargaining will allow us to come together and negotiate for better workplace conditions,” he shared when asked why he believes state employees deserve the right to bargain collectively.

State employees take pride in what we do because our work keeps the state going. Even with a little snow, public service never stops.