It's Only The Beginning

February 4th kicks off the 80th Nevada Legislative Session and this session could bring life-changing collective bargaining legislation for all Nevada state employees.

With a pro-worker Governor and Legislature, we will most definitely see legislation introduced that will bring collective bargaining to Nevada state employees. But the difference between that legislation passing and failing will be the voices of state employees like you.

We won’t get collective bargaining on the good graces of our elected officials. This is going to take work from all of us. From calling our legislators, sharing our stories during bill hearings, to talking to our co-workers about standing together through our union, AFSCME. Collective bargaining will only become a reality when we come together to make it happen.

Collective bargaining will allow us to make real changes in our communities and workplaces by being able to negotiate over working conditions, wages and benefits. AFSCME member Maribel F., a Corrections Officer with the Nevada Department of Corrections, knows that the only way to see change is to be the change: “Being an AFSCME member makes a difference. It’s important to have a unified voice in the workplace and collective bargaining will help us make that voice stronger.”

The start of the legislative session in only the beginning in our fight for life-changing collective bargaining rights and we must come together to make it happen.