Nevada state health care workers unite for change

Health care workers across Nevada are coming together in solidarity to make changes in our workplaces. The Professional Health Care unit is proud to continue the momentum in becoming the third unit to file for collective bargaining recognition as AFSCME Local 4041. As the Professional Health Care unit, we are psychologists, clinical social workers, mental health counselors, psychiatric caseworkers, developmental specialists, registered dietitians, psychiatric nurses, correctional nurses, registered nurses, community health nurses, health facilities inspectors, therapeutic recreation specialists, speech pathologists, social workers, health care coordinators/nurses, casework management specialists, and substance abuse counselors. We work alongside those in the Non-Professional Care unit to serve the most vulnerable Nevadans.  

Every day 24/7, we help those suffering from mental and behavioral disabilities, debilitating health issues, and who are diagnosed with a spectrum disorder, a developmental or another disability find treatments, information, supports and advocacy that fit their individual needs and circumstances, because everyone deserves compassion and respect. We provide medical care to those in custody and under the state’s care, because we have a responsibility to treat each person with dignity. With our co-workers in the NPC unit, we do our work beyond the scope of what is expected because to us, our work means taking care of Nevada. 

But as state employees, we deserve respect and dignity as well. That’s why health care workers have joined in solidarity as AFSCME Local 4041. Being a union means we have each other’s back and we are fighting to improve the quality of life for all our co-workers, regardless of job classification or location.  

Across the country, hospitals and health care facilities are some of the most dangerous workplaces. Nevada state hospitals and health care facilities are no different. Over the years, workplace policies have been implemented with little to no input from front-line workers like us. Coming together as a union means we will have a strong, powerful voice to ensure our safety is taken into consideration in workplace policies, because we’ll be at the table when those decisions are made.  

We are proud of the care and empowerment we provide to Nevadans from all walks of life. Being a union means we have the strength as workers to advocate for the resources to improve the services we provide. When public service workers like us have a voice on the job, the whole community benefits from our ability to advocate for what we really need to serve our community.  

We are excited to continue the momentum in building our union, AFSCME Local 4041. But we can’t do it alone. Join us today to improve our lives and the communities we serve.