State Employees Coming Together for Collective Bargaining

On January 16th, our new Governor Steve Sisolak gave his first State of the State address, laying out his vision for Nevada’s future.  In his remarks, he shared his appreciation for the hard work we do as state employees to keep our communities running. He also signaled that this state is ready to see us, state employees, come together through collective bargaining.   

WATCH HERE: Gov Sisolak supporting state employees

We’ve seen Nevada come back from some dark times. Through stagnate wages and pay cuts, we’ve continued to provide our communities with much needed services. Even though our state is stronger than ever, there are still many challenges we face in the workplace 

We have a real opportunity to create change in the workplace, and in our lives, through collective bargaining. 

State employees are the only Nevada public service workers without the right to bargain over our work place conditions, wages and benefits. Building off our hard work in 2018 in electing a pro-worker Governor, we have a great opportunity to make history in 2019 by winning collective bargaining so we can have a voice on the job to create real changes in the quality of state services.  

While Governor Sisolak does support collective bargaining, it won’t become a reality without us coming together and leading the charge. Sign our petition todayto let the Governor know we are all in for collective bargaining!