Strong wages, strong communities

By providing quality services our communities needed to stay safe and healthy, Nevada state employees played a key role in bringing our state through the pandemic.  

As AFSCME Local 4041, we’re coming together to fight for the wages and working conditions we deserve.  

On Monday, Governor Joe Lombardo gave his first State of the State address, where he laid out many of his priorities for the upcoming legislative session. We appreciate that the new Governor and the legislature recognize the strain understaffing has put on state services and support a wage increase for state workers.  

However, AFSCME Local 4041 members agree that the Governor’s proposed wage increase does not go far enough in supporting state workers to ensure the services that keep our communities strong are provided by a stable workforce.  

Wages for state employees at all agencies and departments need significant improvement to be brought closer to parity with workers at county and city agencies that do similar work, not just law enforcement 

The AFSCME Local 4041 bargaining team looks forward to negotiating with the state over wages in the coming weeks. As a state employee, join us in making our voices heard during the upcoming legislative session by sharing your story.

Together, we have the power to make big changes that improve our lives and the services we provide. Not a member of Local 4041 yet? Join us!