Thank you, Jeanine!

 After a remarkable 30-year career, Local 4041 staff representative Jeanine Lake retired at the end of January. Before joining AFSCME as a rep, Jeanine worked for the State of Nevada for over a decade as a social worker. She became a member of State of Nevada Employees Association (what was later to become AFSCME Local 4041) on her first day on the job and served in chapter and statewide officer positions. In 1990, Jeanine was elected President of SNEA. 

As a staff rep, she represented members in many aspects of their employment, from informal meetings with management and employees, to representation of severe disciplinary actions such as suspensions, demotions and dismissals. 

“I have always believed that the State of Nevada does not know how lucky it is! The employees working for the state are some of the most dedicated, conscientious and hardworking people I have ever met. They care about their jobs, the public they serve and most go out of their way every day to meet the expectations that management places on them, but more importantly, to ensure that the clients, customers, patients, etc. who they serve, are taken care of.” said Jeanine.  

In 2022, Jeanine’s 30 years of dedicated services to AFSCME members was recognized at the Local 4041 convention.  

Jeanine, thank you for your service to Nevada and to Local 4041 members. We wish you the best of luck in your retirement!