Wage Arbitration Win!

In our contract (CBA) for the 4 certified bargaining units, we negotiated language to include a wage reopener if state revenue improved for the 2021/2022 fiscal year, which they did as the economy improved. After negotiations with the state failed, we went to arbitration to hold the state accountable to the provisions in our contract.  

In late December the arbitrator released his decision and WE WON!

See arbitration decision linked below

The arbitrator decided in favor of AFSCME Local 4041's position on a 3% first-year increase, retroactive to July 1, 2021, for our four certified bargaining units covered under the CBA: A, E, F, and I. 

This was a hard-fought Victory!  AFSCME Local 4041 is the only exclusive representative who fought for and won a first-year wage adjustment for the 4 bargaining units we are certified to negotiate for.  

But the fight's not over - now we must mobilize to hold the Governor and Legislature accountable to the terms of this arbitration decision and our contract. 

If you are not in bargaining units A, E, F, or I - It’s not too late for your bargaining unit to get certified as AFSCME and negotiate a contract. But AFSCME Local 4041 can ONLY negotiate for bargaining units that are certified as AFSCME.  

To get certified, Local 4041 members must talk to their co-workers about joining our union and getting to a majority of membership in your bargaining unit.  

If you’re ready to organize your bargaining unit, click here!  

In solidarity,  

Harry Schiffman, President, AFSCME Local 4041