We Are Nevada State Employees: James Drollinger

At the University of Nevada Las Vegas, campus is always buzzing with activities. Behind the scenes are dedicated classified state employees, working hard to make campus activities run smoothly. As an HVAC technician, James Drollinger spends his days making sure heating and air condition units across UNLV are in top shape, keeping students, faculty, staff and visitors warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  

“AC or heat is the first thing someone notices when they walk into a building. So, our work is vital in ensuring people are comfortable in class or event on campus,” said James.  

After gaining HVAC skills through the Sheetmetal union apprentice program, James has spent the last decade maintaining buildings at the main UNLV and Shadow Lane campuses. He sees his work as a contribution to Nevadans and the UNLV community.  

I’m proud of working at UNLV, the work I do helps our next generation get their education and go on and do some good in the world. I make sure I put in a good day’s work every day, because an entire community is counting on me.”  

As a native Nevadan, being a state employee gives James a sense of pride - as public service allows him to give back to his home state and provide for his family  

“If I didn’t feel like I was doing some good in the world, I wouldn’t stay here. But working at UNLV is a long-term career that I enjoy and allows me to raise my family.”