Health care workers across Nevada are coming together in solidarity

Over the last few months, correctional officers and non-custody staff across Nevada are recharging local chapters of Local 4041. These corrections chapters allow workers to create a system within the larger union to address their specific needs as Corrections employees. Since the beginning of the year, four corrections chapters have restarted: Great Basin, Corrections South, Corrections North, and Big Meadows.   

As presidential candidates gathered at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on August 3 for AFSCME’s Public Service Forum, Local 4041 members were ready to question the candidates about their commitment to protecting public services and to workers who dedicate their lives to their communities.

Edited from The Nevada Current: "Democrats woo labor in Las Vegas" by Michael Lyle 

During a packed forum put on by the American Federation of State, Municipal, City Employees in Las Vegas Saturday, 19 Democratic presidential candidates promised support for collective bargaining while doubling down on their positions on immigration and health care. 

For months, Nevada state employees in Ely have been coming together to make an important decision: how do we address issues in our workplace that make our jobs and lives difficult. Workers face issues like understaffing, workplace safety, and balancing mandatory overtime with childcare needs.

For decades, AFSCME members have been at the forefront of advocating for Nevada state employees at the bi-annual sessions of the Nevada Legislature. Over the years we have fought for pay raises, ending furloughs and preventing privatization of state services. This year we won a longtime goal of our union— the right to collective bargaining. 

LAS VEGAS – Veronica Davis-Brown explained how having a voice on the job would allow her to share her expertise of many years on the job as a correctional officer and better serve the prison community.

Agueda Sanchez outlined why making staff-led changes in the workplace would allow state workers to provide better services to Nevada’s youth.

Elizabeth Crumrine spoke about how staff need a way to advocate for much-needed resources to better serve rural families. 

After years of AFSCME organizing, Gov. Steve Sisolak signed into law a historic bill granting 20,000 state workers the right to collectively bargain. The bill, which he signed June 12, is the largest expansion of collective bargaining rights for state workers anywhere in the U.S. in 16 years.