Big Meadow Corrections

Lovelock and Winnemucca


Joe Roberts, President - Lovelock CC, Local 4041 Regional Vice-President - Big Meadow 

Paul Kinsley, Vice-President - Lovelock CC

Jason O'Dea, Sec-Treasurer - Lovelock CC

Andrew Meister, Recording Secretary, Lovelock CC

Kim Adamson, Chapter Board of Directors, Prison Medical Care

Nicholas Baker, Chatper Board of Directors, Lovelock CC

Mark Dunn, Chapter Board of Directors, Lovelock CC

Jamin Scott, Trustee, Lovelock CC

Greetings Big Meadows. I have some great news for you all. On December 30th, 2019 nominations were conducted for the 2020 Local 4041 convention. A total of 2 delegates and 2 alternates were filled. 

The results were as follows:

Andrew Meister – Delegate #1
Mark Dunn – Delegate #2
Nick Baker – Alternate Delegate #1
Jason O’dea – Alternate Delegate #2

This chapter is currently in formation. Join us in creating a dynamic new part of Local 4041's organizing efforts! If you'd like to help please contact Autumn Zemke at