Take Action

AFSCME members dont sit on the sidelines, we take action! 

For decades, Nevada state employees have come together as AFSCME Local 4041 to advocate for improvements to our jobs and lives. Now with collective bargaining rights, we are in a position to negotiate a contract with our employer to ensure that workers have a say on things like wages, working conditions, and other important issues. 

Join in solidarity with your co-workers to take action on issues that affect our jobs and lives! 

This fall we will once again head to the ballot box, or mail in our ballots, to ensure we elect leaders who understand what working people need. AFSCME Local 4041 is committed to supporting pro-worker candidates who will listen to and fight for public service workers. 

We are building up our AFSCME Local 4041 Political Action Committee and need your help!  

Click the button to sign up for more information on what role you can play in building Local 4041’s political power.  

As our workplaces continue or resume to in-person work and services, your input is vital to ensure staff, and the public we serve, are safe. Please take this quick survey to let your union know what issues you face in the workplace.

AFSCME members cross the county are sending letters to their Representatives in Washington DC, urging them to "fund the front lines" by sending emergency aid directly to the states, so states like Nevada can properly fund the work AFSCME members like you are doing every day to continue to support our communities. With additional federal aid, Nevada can support state workers by providing the necessary safety equipment and cleaning supplies, as well as implement a policy of hazard pay for those that continue to report to state facilities to perform work duties.  But Congress needs to know how you are putting your lives on the line and how additional emergency aid will help keep workers, and the communities we serve, safe.

The Contract Campaign Institute is a series of online courses developed with the Nevada state worker in mind. What happens away from the bargaining table is just as important as what happens at the bargaining table, and these trainings will teach us what it takes to win a great contract and build a stronger union. Through eight on-line sessions, we will learn how to turn our strengths into leverage, set goals to win improvements at our workplace and utilize an effective strategy to ensure gains are made at the bargaining table. Together, we will win. 

You must be an active AFSCME Local 4041 member to participate in the contract campaign and register here by May 7, 2020. The first training will be Saturday, May 9 at 11am via Zoom. Please plan to join 15 min early and have your smartphone handy.  

By uniting with the largest public employee union in the country, you’ll have the power to get things done at your workplace. Together, we have a powerful voice to protect workers’ rights and our jobs, pay, benefits, working conditions and public services.

For as little as $2 a week, you can become an AFSCME PEOPLE MVP and help our preparation for the political battles ahead of us. As an MVP, for every dollar you contribute, you earn a Rewards point. You can redeem your points for a variety of exclusive items in an online catalog of union-made merchandise.