Below are current AFSCME stewards. Please reach out to a steward via email. If you do not see a steward from your worksite, you may reach out to a steward at a similar worksite/department, or any AFSCME steward in your area. 

Southern Nevada

Aaron Saiz, Parole and Probation, [email protected] 

Annita Martinez, Rawson Neal, [email protected]

Aqueelah Wert, Desert Regional Center - Jones, [email protected] 

Casey Lee, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, [email protected] 

Daniel Green, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, [email protected] 

Delano Varner, Jr, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, [email protected] 

James Drollinger, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, [email protected] 

James McCoy, Nevada National Guard - Las Vegas, [email protected] 

Jared Kluesner, Rawson Neal, [email protected]

Ken Edmonds, Desert Regional Center - Jones, [email protected]

Lyndsay Chamizo, Southern Nevada Veterans Home, [email protected]

Olimpia Romero,  Desert Regional Center - Flamingo, [email protected] 

Patricia Wright, Rawson Neal, [email protected]

Rosina Barrientos, Desert Regional Center - Flamingo, [email protected] 

Northern Nevada

Ana Lidia Ferreira, Truckee Meadows Community College, [email protected]  

Beth Hemmila, Nevada Veterans Services - Reno, [email protected] 

Carl Davison, University of Nevada, Reno, [email protected] 

Cedric Williams, DWSS - Carson City, [email protected]

Chad Ewing, University of Nevada, Reno, [email protected] 

Deb Hinds, NNAMHS, [email protected]

Dennis Spiteri, DWSS - Carson City, [email protected]

Jana Pavini, Lake's Crossing, [email protected] 

Jean Lampson, Truckee Meadows Community College, [email protected] 

Josh Suarez, University of Nevada, Reno, [email protected] 

Margaret "Kathy" Harris, Northern Nevada Correctional Center, [email protected] 

Michael Ahlmeyer, Truckee Meadows Community College, [email protected] 

Ray May, Mail Services - Carson City, [email protected]