2022 Endorsements

Below is our list of endorsed candidates for the 2022 election. We believe these candidates are the strongest pro-worker candidates and will support Nevada public employees. 

Early Voting starts Saturday, October 22 and ends Friday November 4 2022. You may vote early in-person, or drop of a ballot that was mailed to your address, at various vote centers in your county. You may also return a mail ballot though the mail, but it must be postmarked on or before the day of the Election (November 8) and received by the 4th day after. 

Election day is on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - you may vote in-person or drop off a mailed ballot at various vote centers in your county. 

Visit the Nevada Secretary of State website for more information about this year's election.


US Senate: Catherine Cortez Masto  

CD 1: Dina Titus  

CD 3: Susie Lee 

CD 4: Steven Horsford 


Governor: Steve Sisolak 

Lieutenant Governor: Elizabeth "Lisa" Cano Burkhead

Attorney General: Aaron Ford 

Secretary of State: Francisco "Cisco" Aguilar 

Controller: Ellen Spiegel 

Treasurer: Zach Conine  




AD 1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno 

AD 2: Nick Christenson

AD 3: Selena Torres 

AD 5: Brittney Miller

AD 6: Shondra Summers Armstrong 

AD 7: Cameron "CH" Miller

AD 8: Duy Nguyen

AD 9: Steve Yeager 

AD 10: Rochelle Nguyen 

AD 11: Bea Duran

AD 12: Max Carter 

AD 13: Will Rucker

AD 14: Erica Mosca 

AD 15: Howard Watts 

AD 16: Cecelia González 

AD 17: Clara "Claire" Thomas 

AD 18: Venicia Considine

AD 20: David Orentlicher 

AD 21: Elaine Marzola 

AD 24: Sarah Peters  

AD 25: Selena La Rue Hatch 

AD 27: Angie Taylor

AD 28: Ruben D'Silva 

AD 29: Lesley Cohen 

AD 30: Natha Anderson 

AD 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

AD 35: Michelle Gorelow 

AD 37: Shea Backus

AD 40: Shannon McDaniel

AD 41: Sandra Jauregui 

AD 42: Tracy Brown-May


SD 2: Edgar Flores

SD 8: Marilyn Dondero Loop 

SD 9: Melanie Scheible

SD 10: Fabian Donate  

SD 12: Julie Ann Pazina 

SD 13: Richard "Skip" Daly 

SD 16: Aaron Sims 

SD 21: James Ohrenschall 



BOR D8: Michelee "Shelly" Crawford