Member Spotlight: Victoria Bowen

A self-described ‘people person,’ Victoria Bowen loves working at the Nevada DMV in Henderson.  

“I’m upbeat, patient, friendly. I think that’s what makes me good at my job. I love meeting new people and helping them get one of the most important things they need – an ID,” said Victoria, a DMV Tech.  

She also describes her work as essential.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our way of life, public services, like the DMV, continue to be essential to helping our community.  

“I get to help people just starting off with driving, or people getting back on track with their careers and life. Everyone needs an ID for basically everything these days,” said Victoria.  

While she loves her job, the work does not come without issues. Being part of her union gives Victoria the opportunity to join her co-workers to improve their working conditions, thus improving the services they provide. Victoria sees active union membership as a solution to workplace issues such as pay cuts and inconsistent scheduling 

“When the state wanted to make cuts to our pay last summer, it was us who were out there – AFSCME members! I attended a rallycalled the Governor and encouraged my co-workers to call the Governor. It was empowering to know WE were the ones who made the changes to the furloughs and protected our pay. We did that! It’s a nice feeling knowing you are a part of something bigger and that it really makes a difference,” said Victoria.  

Another added benefit of union membership: you get to know more of your co-workers, making new friendships and improving efficiency in the workplace.  

“I’ve gotten to know so many of my co-workers through our union, people I wouldn’t have otherwise talked to. It’s improved the environment of our workplace, which improves the services we provide. And I don’t feel so alone anymore when I feel like new policies or changes are unfair. It’s great to talk to other co-workers about things,” said Victoria.  

Victoria believes there’s room for growth with Local 4041, especially among DMV workers.  

“There is power in numbers. There are so many DMV workers, but we need everyone to come together in support, especially if we want to see the benefits of the first contract. Dues are minimal and you get so much out of being a union member,” said Victoria.