AFSCME and the State of Nevada Announce Tentative Agreement for Four State Employee Bargaining Units

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, the State of Nevada and the American Federation of State County Municipal Employees Local 4041 announced that they have reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement that includes both economic and non-economic provisions and covers four of the 11 bargaining units established for state employees.

Before the agreement is submitted to the Nevada Legislature, AFSCME members must ratify it. Additionally, the State Board of Examiners will meet to approve the agreement, and Governor Sisolak will submit budget amendments to the Legislature to effectuate the economic provisions. 

The state employees covered by the agreement include those in labor, maintenance and custodial; professional healthcare; non-professional healthcare; and category III peace officers/corrections officers.

The tentative agreement between AFSCME and the state is the second collective bargaining agreement reached by the state and a labor organization following the passage of collective bargaining for classified state employees during the 2019 legislative session. 

Statement from AFSCME Local 4041 President Harry Schiffman:

“Members of Local 4041 are excited to have reached this milestone, more than 20 years in the making. We are proud of the dedication and determination state employees have shown over the years to make collective bargaining a reality. This contract lays a strong foundation to improve working conditions for state employees and the services we provide to our communities for generations to come. When workers have a voice on the job, we are able to perform at our best and ensure that the community receives the quality services it deserves. As the largest union for Nevada state employees, Local 4041 is committed to building on this historic achievement and ensuring a strong and secure future for quality public services and the workers who provide them."

Statement from Department of Administration Director Laura Freed:

“Both sides worked diligently to find common ground and reach meaningful compromises. We absolutely value our state employees and the critical services they provide to Nevadans, and this agreement recognizes that while also honoring the responsibility we have to ensure state programs are administered efficiently and effectively. I am incredibly proud of the work of our team and grateful to AFSCME’s team for their professionalism and good faith throughout the negotiation process.”