AFSCME Local 4041 Statement on Proposed Budget Changes due to COVID-19

Harry Schiffman, an electrician at UNLV and President of AFSCME Local 4041, released the following statement today regarding possible budget changes due to the economic impact of COVID-19:  

“Over the last few months as Nevada fought the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of Nevada state employees continued to provide services for our communities.   

Putting our health at risk, state workers continued to secure our state prisons, provided health care to the most vulnerable in our community, maintained road safety, state facilities and administrative services. Additionally, state workers prioritized public health while continuing public services by adjusting how we provide mental health counseling, educational programs, and various social and economic support services.  

When our communities needed us the most, we have continued to do what we do best – serve our community.   

Public service workers are essential to strengthening our economy and helping all Nevadans get back to normalcy. We can do neither if we are laid off or asked to take furloughs.   

We know our jobs best and we are prepared to be part of the solution to help the state navigate through tough choices. However, our communities and workers cannot suffer another round of devastating cuts to public services like we did just 10 years ago.   

When our state falls on hard times, state employees are always the first to be asked to make sacrifices. State employees have been completely shut out of any discussion regarding our working conditions and we demand a say before any decisions about our work and lives are made.”  

Click here to join your co-workers in demanding a say in any budget changes that affect our work and lives!