AFSCME members continue to help Nevadans with their job search

Due to the shutdown of non-essential businesses to slow the spread of COVID-19, Nevada saw a huge spike of unemployment insurance claims in the month of March. While many Nevadans have an optimistic eye towards returning to their previous jobs, some Nevadans choose to keep on their job search, and that is where workers at Nevada JobConnect have stepped up to continue these services.  

AFSCME Local 4041 member Kevin Rodgers is a workforce services rep at JobConnect in Sparks. For the last 4 years, he’s helped unemployed Nevadans connet their skills to job prospects or find trainings for a new career. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, many potential employers have instituted hiring freezes, prompting Governor Sisolak to waive the job search requirement for current unemployment insurance claims caused by the crisis. However, some employers are still hiring and some Nevadans continue to look for work. 

“Even with a smaller staff and the challenge of doing our work remotely, we are still here to help Nevadans with their job search,” said Kevin.  

As DETR reassigns staff to the unemployment insurance call center to keep up with the increasing call volumes, Kevin says that the role of JobConnect is still necessary 

For various reasons, many Nevadans are still looking for ways to put money in their pockets during these difficult times, so it's especially important that we continue to provide a state service like Job Connect,” said Kevin.  

Kevin comes from a family of public servants, and he said state service was an easy choice for him as he began his career.  

“I get great joy in helping people find employment opportunities. Our work is especially important during tough economic times, so I am happy I get to continue helping my community in this way,” he said.