AFSCME members continue to support Nevada's families

Even through a global pandemic Nevadans must continue through their daily lives, including those working towards rebuilding their families.  

As a mental health counselor, Cameron Hopkins is on the front lines of continuing essential state services as state offices close to limit the spread of COVID-19. Cameron helps parents create structures to improve their home lives and take care of their children. He provides training for parents who have recently reunified with their children to create a safe and stable home for their families. 

Even with the current emergency situation, families are still depending on us to help them through rebuilding their home lives, Cameron said.  

Through HIPPA-approved methods of telecommunications, Cameron and many of his co-workers are continuing to help parents who are rebuilding their family lives through these challenging times. All child protective services are deemed essential and many CPS workers are continuing to protect Nevada’s children and support Nevada’s families by finding new ways to connect while adhering to social distancing rules as much as possible to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

“The families we work with are grateful we are still able to meet with them through videoconference and provide our training sessionsOur goal is to make sure families continue the work they are doing to improve their lives by continuing our work and provide a sense of normalcy,” Cameron said.