AFSCME Members Win Big in New Tentative Agreement

AFSCME Members win largest pay increase in decades, supplemental pay and additional days off in new tentative agreement with the State of Nevada. 

Join us on Zoom, on Friday, March 24 at 6:30pm, to learn more about out Tentative Agreement. Click here to register

With the support of thousands of AFSCME members across the state, our bargaining team was able to hold the state accountable and negotiate the largest wage increase in almost 40 years: an 8% increase the first year, and a 4% increase the second year.  

This TA also includes incentives for workers to continue state service through quarterly bonuses, increased bilingual and shift differential pay, increased tool allowances, and two additional personal days for a total of 4 per calendar year starting in 2024 (you’ll still get two days this calendar year.)  

By improving working conditions, this TA is one way state workers are coming together to address the chronic understaffing that affects the vital services that keep our communities strong. A stable workforce means stable services – and a better Nevada. 

And while this contract will only cover workers in bargaining units that are certified to negotiate a contract as AFSCME, what we do as a union affects the working conditions of all state workers.  

State workers are organizing as AFSCME because AFSCME members deliver for all state workers. During the pandemic, we fought for and protected our jobs and merit pay. We reduced the number of furlough days we were asked to take and won backpay on the furloughs we did take.  

What we can accomplish as a union depends on the strength of our union, and the strength of our union depends on workers like you. Join your coworkers in fighting for better working conditions and better state services by becoming an AFSCME member.  

If you’re already an AFSCME member, join the Organizing Committee and get involved in building our union.  

As the largest and longest serving union for Nevada state employees, AFSCME members are using our seat at the table to improve our communities and our lives. Join us to make our union, and our workplaces, stronger.