AFSCME Update: Retention Bonuses

Great news!  

Earlier this week we met with the Labor Relations Board to discuss releasing funds from Senate Bill 510, which funds provisions in our collective bargaining agreement. Today, the Department of Administration confirmed that they plan to honor the $500 quarterly retention bonus we negotiated in our collective bargaining agreement. 

AB522 funds retention bonuses at $250 and SB510 will fund an additional $250, for a total of $500 a quarter for workers covered under the AFSCME CBA. 

State workers in bargaining units A, E, and F will receive $500 quarterly retention bonuses starting in February 2024, plus an additional $250 for back pay to October’s retention bonus.  

We are in discussions with the state on longevity pay criteria and hope to have an update soon.  

Together, we are fighting to ensure wins in our contract and at the legislature are honored by the state.