"Controversy over bargaining rights rooted in myths"

In Tuesday’s Las Vegas Sun, UNLV Law Professor Ruben Garcia shares how collective bargaining for state employees is a benefit to all Nevadans. Recently, anti-union opponents have attempted to shame state employees for wanting the right to negotiate collectively on issues like staffing, pay and workplace safety issues. Here are a few highlights from the piece. 

Negotiation Means Better Services: 

“If Nevadans want to utilize the knowledge and skills of our workforce and capitalize on the commitment to strengthen public services in the future, legislators should consider the bill to extend the freedom to negotiate with their employees.” 

“When public workers have a structure for giving input and can speak up without fear of retribution, they can perform the important civic service of making the people’s government work more efficiently and fairly for all of us.” 

Negotiation Means a Stable Workforce: 

“Collective bargaining results in a stable workforce that benefits Nevada and its citizens. In many states, bargaining has helped create structures that improve the longevity and skills of workers and will support the states in a changing economy.” 

Collective bargaining is about more than wages, it’s the ability in having a say about our workplace conditions so we can provide quality services on behalf of our state.