Don’t lose your chance in having a say!

In the coming weeks, state employees, as AFSCME Local 4041, will be negotiating our first ever contract with the state. This is our chance to improve safety and working conditions and codify these changes through a contract.  

Before heading to the bargaining table, workers must certify their bargaining units to negotiate 

Four bargaining units of state workers are ready to negotiate as AFSCME Local 4041, but there are still workers in non-certified bargaining units that will miss out on having a say on important issues like wages and safety! 

Make sure your bargaining unit certified by signing an authorization card – a card that allows you to join in solidarity with your co-workers and authorize your bargaining unit to negotiate as AFSCME.  

There is no cost to signing an authorization card, but not signing means losing your chance to have a say in the policies that affect your work and safety.  

By signing the authorization card, you will be joining thousands of Nevada state employees in having a unified voice at the bargaining table. 

Don't get left behind!