Forensic Specialist Fighting For Equal Pay

Forensic Specialists throughout the state of Nevada are demanding solutions to ensure worker safety and fair pay.

These forensic specialists have recently started a campaign to secure pay equity similar to Correction Officers. Forensic Specialists receive the same skills/training and face similar threats as Correction Officers in order to do the jobs they love. Because of this, AFSCME members delivered a petition to shift supervisors with roughly 90% of all Forensic Specialists statewide to make our voices heard.

Two Forensic Specialists at the Stein Forensic Unit on the Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health in Las Vegas commented:

"As they proceed with their treatment, we make sure that the patients have a safe and secure facility," said Rionilo Gonzales. "It's important that our pay is equal to the amount of work that we do."

"We essentially go through the same training as Correction Officers and are getting less pay. That isn't fair," said Christopher Abernathy. "We want management to know that even though there are 3 separate shifts in this 24-hour facility, we came together on this issues because it's important to us and we want it to be seriously addressed."

In solidarity, members throughout Nevada in multiple facilities delivered the petition signatures to management last week. However, after being told that higher management needs to get involved to address the issue, members have decided to meet with the Director, Richard Whitley, in the near future.

Way to stand together!