It’s our right to bargain!

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, changes will need to be made to the state’s budget and the public services we provide. 

But before proposing furloughs and merit pay freezes, the Governor did not consult with AFSCME Local 4041, the exclusive representative for over 6,000 state employees across four bargaining units, over these changes to our working conditions. We've fought for and won a voice on the job, and we will fight to use it. 

AFSCME Local 4041 has sent Governor Sisolak a letter demanding he negotiate with state employees over any budget changes, but Governor Sisolak refuses to meet with state employees to discuss changes to our working conditions or the services we provide. 

We need your help to continue to hold the Governor accountable to our right to bargain.


Send a letter to your legislator, demanding that the budget crisis not be put on the backs of state workers. Click here to send a letter. 

Join us this Wednesday, June 24th at 6pm PT for a teletownhall for important updates on this budget fight. Click here to register.  

On Saturday June 27, we are taking it to the streets for rallies in Carson City and Las Vegas. Click here to register for Saturday's rally.  

Join with thousands of Nevada state employees in demanding that we have say in any budget changes by signing this petition.

Share your thoughts about what steps can be taken to address the state’s fiscal emergency.  

Nevada state employees have continued to serve our communities during this pandemic and will continue to play an important part in Nevada’s recovery. Our communities cannot afford cuts to public services or more Nevadans out of work. As those on the front lines, we know our jobs best and are prepared to be part of the solution to help the state navigate through tough choices.