Meet Janell Woodward, AFSCME's representative on the PEBP Board

One of our legislative wins from 2021 was gaining an appointed seat on the state PEBP board. This board oversees health insurance for public employees. Appointed to the board earlier this year,  AFSCME member Janell Woodward’s first meeting was in March.  

“I wanted to serve on the PEBP Board as it is my passion to do what I can to make a difference in the healthcare coverage for state employees. I’m hoping to influence PEBP Board members to best benefit healthcare for state employees, especially those who struggle to even afford to use their healthcare benefits,” said Janell.  

Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Janell moved to Nevada in 2001 and is currently the State Hazard Mitigation Officer at the Division of Emergency Management. She came to the Division of Emergency Management in 2012. Prior to joining state service, she spent 28 years in healthcare working with insurance, transcription, training, and direct patient care. Woodward currently manages the state’s Hazard Mitigation Program, where she has developed and managed multimillion-dollar budgets, performed benefit-cost analysis, created grant applications, as well as managing the grants for five different mitigation programs.  

PEBP oversees the health insurance plans offered to state employees, making decisions on coverage and rates. As the union representing the most state employees, having an AFSCME member on the PEBP board means we will have a strong voice on the board.  

But our voices as members need to be heard as well. Join Local 4041 members in calling into PEBP meetings and sharing your support or concerns about policies that affect our health insurance. Keep an eye out on your email for updates and actions concerning PEBP.