Members gain valuable skills at Local 4041 Leadership Conference

This week, over 70 AFSCME activist from across Nevada met in Las Vegas to sharpen their their union building skills at Local 4041’s Leadership Conference. At the 4-day conference, leaders learned chapter meeting procedures, tools to better organize their workplaces, and what next steps are needed to get Nevada state employees to the bargaining table.  

"I’m new to our union, but ready to take on a leadership role. Being in Elko, it’s important state employees in rural communities have a strong, unified voice. The skills I learned at this conference will help me push the conversation forward with my co-workers about the strong union we need to build together,” said Jacob Martinez, a custodial worker at Great Basin College in Elko.  

Members participated in workshops to deepen their understanding of building worker power at their workplaces through Labor Management Committees and direct actions. Looking towards getting to the bargaining table, members also learned about techniques to better communicate their personal stories and lobby their state legislators.  

“I’ve been a member for over 30 years, before we became AFSCME. We’ve been fighting for collective bargaining rights since I started and it’s important we keep learning new skills as we work towards our first contract. I’m so inspired to see a new generation taking the lead as well,” said Feye Williams Knight, an unemployment insurance rep with DETR. 

This was the first time since winning collective bargaining rights that AFSCME members from across the state came together. Members strategized with fellow state employees from the same agencies and departments, but from various areas across the state, to create a unified, statewide plan as they continue to build their union.  

“As corrections officers, it’s going to take all of us to be effective spokespeople to make sure the issues at our workplaces are no longer ignored. It was great to meet other COs from facilities across the state and I look forward to working in solidarity as one statewide bargaining unit to make changes we need,” said Matthew Gregory, a correctional officer from Sparks. 

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