For Public Service Recognition Week, Nevada State Workers Want Senate Bill 135

As Public Service Recognition Week came to an end on Friday, Local 4041 members held dual press conferences in Carson City and Sparks to support Senate Bill 135, a bill that would provide collective bargaining rights to state employees. State employees spoke about how collective bargaining rights will allow them to have a voice on the job to improve state services.

“Most often, those making the decisions on how I do my work have never spent a day in my shoes, and they certainly don’t understand what it means to be responsible 24 hours a day for the emotional health and physical safety of a household of young women,” said Shelly Sedano, a home treatment provider for the Division of Child and Family Services, who spoke at the Sparks event. 

Sparks press conference attendees

AFSCME members gather in Sparks to speak in support of Senate Bill 135. Photo Credit: Tracey Conaty

“After 25 years, I can confidently say I know my job and the changes that are needed better than anyone else,” Sedano added. “By passing Senate Bill 135 and expanding collective bargaining to state employees, I will have the voice on the job that I need to fight for reasonable caseloads and streamlining of inefficient processes to improve the quality of care children in Nevada receive.”

During the negotiation process, public service workers often advocate for things the entire community would benefit from; things like safer patient-to-nurse ratios, safer staffing levels at correctional facilities and safer workplaces.

“Collective bargaining simply means we have the freedom to speak up together for the training, equipment, staffing levels and protections we need to benefit our communities,” said Betsey Crumine, a social services manager who spoke at the Carson City event. “And it means that we can ensure that all counties, regardless of zip code, can work together with dedicated public servants to be healthier, safer and stronger.”