A voice on the job for better residential care

I’m Ken Edmonds, a member of AFSCME Local 4041, and a Developmental Support Tech for the State of Nevada. I support SB135.  

Working at a intermediate care facility for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults, my co-workers and I help the residents with daily activities that abled-bodied people can easily do every day. I love being able to help people and take pride in the work I do.  

Having stable work schedules is something that is important to how we can provide quality care. The more time we spend with residents, we build trust with them and they are more comfortable in their living situation. Having this relationship and trust with residents is important, as fewer violent situations occurs when the residents are comfortable in their surroundings and with staff. Even though we spend the most time with the residents, staff has little say in policies and procedures to create a safe work environment.  

My co-workers and I see collective bargaining as a way to maintain a well-run facility. We work with the residents every day and have ideas on how we can provide the best quality care. Collective bargaining will allow us to have a say in workplace procedures, including scheduling, so the needs residents are met, and staff have a safe work environment.  

I shared my thoughts on collective bargaining with our State Senators, and I hope you will join me in doing the same by sending a letter to your legislators. Click here to send a letter today.