What is Union Organizing?

Ever wonder why your coworker is so persistent in talking to you about our union? Because they’re trying to organize our union! 

Organizing a union means talking to your coworkers about coming together to build power. Building power makes our union stronger and better able to deliver improvements to our working conditions.  

AFSCME Local 4041 members organize our union by talking to our workers before or after work, during worksite visits or new employee orientations, or stopping by your house. Union staff support union members in this work, so you may see union organizers out and about as well.  

We have important information to share about what we’ve been able to accomplish as a union and how together we can make more improvements to our lives and working conditions.  

You can’t decide about joining our union if you don’t know about it! Are you ready to learn more? Reach out at 702-431-3113 and a union member or organizer will follow up.  

Already a member or conversion card signer? Click here to sign up to learn more about organzing and growing our union!