Workplace safety for staff and the Nevada families we serve

My name is Valerie Osborn, I’m a Family Services Specialist for the state of Nevada and a member of AFSCME Local 4041. My job is to help families get back on their feet after hitting hard times. Even with our state on track post-recession, there are still many families struggling and I’m proud to be part of the team that keeps our state together. I’m support Senate Bill 135, so state employees can have a voice in ensuring we have a safe workplace.  

I treat people with respect and compassion; I understand that when people come to us, they are already may be at their lowest and are stressed about their financial situations. Unfortunately, sometimes these stresses can make for a tense and hostile work environment for staff and other families that come to us for assistance.  

My colleagues and I would use our voice in negotiations to improve workplace safety. Our offices are not secure and the quality of the security guards the contractor provides can vary. Sometimes, we are not able to secure assistance for a family for whatever reason, and some staff have received threats or have had clients act violently when this occurs 

We want to be able to provide a non-threatening environment for families seeking assistance they need while having a safe workplace for staff. Collective bargaining will allow us to accomplish this by having a voice on the job.  

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