AFSCME Local 4041

Campaign Updates

AFSCME Local 4041 members agree that the Governor’s proposed wage increase does not go far enough in supporting state workers to ensure the services that keep our communities strong are provided by a stable workforce. Wages for state employees at all agencies and departments need significant improvement to be brought closer to parity with workers at county and city agencies that do similar work, not just law enforcement.
Members of AFSCME Local 4041 are mobilizing to have a say in our working conditions, after Governor Lombardo signed an executive order removing telework options for Nevada state employees.
Click here answers from the State of Nevada on questions about the 2021 furlough reimbursements.

Member Voices

“I’ve gotten to know so many of my co-workers through our union, people I wouldn’t have otherwise talked to. It’s improved the environment of our workplace, which improves the services we provide. And I don’t feel so alone anymore when I feel like new policies or changes are unfair. It’s great to talk to other co-workers about things,” said Victoria.
With a background in social pedagogy, special education, and as a trainer for political and multicultural education, Heike Rüdenauer found state service as an opportunity to make a difference in her community by supporting families of children with disabilities to access needed therapies and to establish lasting comprehensive community support systems for themselves.
After years in the telecom industry, Stephanie Parker found her calling in public service. As a Grants and Project Analyst for the state of Nevada, Parker helps local jurisdictions with emergency management plans that keep communities across Nevada prepared for anything.

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