A Voice on the Job for a Safer Workplace

I’m proud to be a Correctional Officer for the state of Nevada.  Currently, state public safety workers in Nevada are the only public employees without the freedom to negotiate with our employer. Correctional Officers across Nevada are coming together as AFSCME to change this.  

I’ve been a correctional officer for almost 15 years, and there is much I have learned that I know would help us have a safer workplace. We face daily challenges when it comes to our safety with simple issues that I know could easily be addressed but often go ignored because it is not a priority to facility managers. With collective bargaining, I know our safety will not be taken for granted and longtime experienced officers like myself will have the ability to share valuable input to find solutions to common problems. Our voices at the table will help to ensure facility safety is front and center, and that we have the resources we need to make sure we get home at night.  

I’ve dedicated my life to public service. I was previously a school bus driver with CCSD and a home health aide with the state of Nevada. As a correctional officer I know I am making a difference to our state, because I bring my love for helping people to work every day. We have the power to changes lives and steer people into a different direction, and that’s what this job means to me.  

Correctional officers support Senate Bill 135 so we can do our job safely and effectively. When public service workers have a voice on the job, we all benefit. 

Join us in supporting SB135 by sending a letter to your legislator- click here.