11% Wage Increase – Starting today!

Starting July 1, 2024, Nevada state employees will see an 11% wage increase in fiscal year 2025. This wage increase was included in AB522.

AFSCME members secured the largest wage increases during the 2023 legislative session due to our work at the bargaining table and advocacy at the legislature. Electing pro-worker legislators is an important part of ensuring state workers get the respect we deserve, and resources to provide the best services to all Nevadans.  

This year’s 11% wage increase follows last year’s 12% for state workers not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, and 13% for state workers covered by AFSCME’s collective bargaining agreement. Since winning collective bargaining rights in 2019, AFSCME members have won more than 30% in wages increases for state workers.  

We thank pro-worker champions in the legislature, including Speaker Steve Yeager, Ways and Means Chairwoman Daniele Monroe Moreno, and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, for their strong support of Nevada state employees.