Admins set the tone, support collective bargaining

My name is Deborah Hinds and I am an administrate assistant with the State of Nevada. As a member of AFSCME Local 4041, I support SB135, which would give state employees a voice on the job.  

I’ve been with the state for over 13 years, and as an admin I specialize in doing it all. I take pride in being adaptable and helping my co-workers with whatever is needed; and I’m good at it.  

Admins tend to be the type of people who will always be the first to take on more to help the team. But at a certain point, we need to advocate for ourselves and that is why I support collective bargaining. 

Our agency is severely understaffed, and I’ve been supporting two different buildings for the last few months. Basically, splitting my time between two jobs. It is not easy for me to provide the quality support services needed to keep my office running smoothly. Admins are being shuffled around to address problems and backlogs, but not having enough staff is causing these problems and backlogs we are being moved around to take care of.  

Collective bargaining will allow us to have a voice to advocate for our working conditions. We set the tone in our office by treating everyone with respect and kindness, and we deserve the same treatment from our employer. We want to create well run facilities where every client can have quality care in a timely manner, and collective bargaining will allow us to get there. 

Join me in letting our legislators know state employees support collective bargaining. Click here to send a letter today!