AFSCME member Lynn Fields comes to Nevada to share the difference collective bargaining has made for Illinois Corrections Officers

“AFSCME is a family and it means something to be an AFSCME correctional officer. You’re in a brotherhood and sisterhood that has the power to change our workplace – and our lives.”  And that’s why Illinois Department of Corrections Sargent and AFSCME member Lynn Fields has volunteered to come to Las Vegas to meet with Nevada Correctional Officers about the benefits she and her co-workers have experienced by joining together in a union with AFSCME. 

Members of AFSCME Local 4041 are on a path to build a stronger union though collective bargaining for all Nevada state employees.  As a correctional officer and AFSCME member for 18 years, Lynn is eager to share how collective bargaining has given state COs in Illinois the right to advocate for a safer workplace, and for fair pay and benefits so that they can provide for their families.  That’s why she signed up to be an AFSCME Volunteer Member Organizer.  

“I came to Nevada because I want state employees here to know they can make life better for themselves though collective bargaining. We have a very successful contract in Illinois, and Nevada correctional officers can have the same when they come together and fight to win collective bargaining.”   

Talking with Nevada correctional officers, Lynn shares what workplace improvements she and her coworkers have been able to through collective bargaining. “We were able to negotiate a strong contract that creates clear standards around safety procedures, bidding for shifts and days off, and fair employer contributions to our health insurance and retirement.  No one was going to give us these things, we had to come together and decide what kind of work environment we need to be successful at our jobs.”   

And with help from Lynn and other AFSCME Volunteer Member Organizers like her, Nevada corrections employees soon are on their way to winning these same rights.