AFSCME members keep marijuana products safe for Nevadans

The COVID-19 crisis has upended Nevada’s regular way of life, pushing local businesses adapting to the changing times. Included in these changes is Nevada’s emerging recreational marijuana industry, and the state agency that regulates it.  

Marc Chimel is a marijuana program supervisor for the Nevada Department of Taxation, on a team that manages the state’s emerging marijuana industry. His work in maintaining rigorous safety standards that protects consumers continues even during the COVID-19 closures.  

“We are providing an essential service to follow a citizen mandate to allow for recreational marijuana in Nevada. Even with many state offices closing during these times, the work I do ensures that there’s a safe product and companies continue to follow regulations,” said Marc.  

In March, marijuana dispensaries were given the go-ahead to plan for delivery distribution, to limit in person interaction at shops. And state employees on the stepped up through teleworking to ensure any delivery service falls within state regulations.  

The marijuana industry is an in-state industry, as all aspects including cultivation, production and sales must happen in the state. All parts are regulated by the Department of Taxation, and state employees are crucial to keeping products safe for Nevadans.  

“I’m proud to be a state employee and to continue my work during this public health crisis. I know there’s a need for marijuana products, including for medical usage, and we are helping local businesses stay open. From home, I am doing my part to keep the state running,” said Marc.