Collective Bargaining Bill Gets First Hearing in Nevada Legislature

CARSON CITY, Nev. – On Thursday, members of AFSCME Local 4041 will get a chance to share with state legislators why the time is ripe for state workers to get collective bargaining rights. 

Senate Bill 135, which would provide 20,000 state employees with the freedom to collectively bargain on issues like workplace safety, benefits and compensation, will have its first hearing in the Nevada Legislature, when the Senate Government Affairs Committee considers the measure on Thursday.  

“During the Great Recession, state employees carried the state on their backs, making sure the most vulnerable Nevadans were taken care of in the face of massive budget cuts and greater demand for services,” said Harry Schiffman, president of Local 4041 and an electrician.  

“Yet we are the only public service workers in Nevada who do not have the right to bargain collectively over our workplace safety and conditions, salary and benefits,” he added. “We deserve the same seat at the table to create real changes in our communities and workplaces.”

Nevada state employees keep our communities safe, maintain our roads and universities and support struggling families. For years, AFSCME members have been leading the push to secure collective bargaining rights for state employees. This Thursday, they will be one big step closer to this reality.

First published by AFSCME NOW