With collective bargaining, we can accomplish so much more

For decades, AFSCME members have been at the forefront of advocating for Nevada state employees at the bi-annual sessions of the Nevada Legislature. Over the years we have fought for pay raises, ending furloughs and preventing privatization of state services. This year we won a longtime goal of our union— the right to collective bargaining. 

But as AFSCME, we have also fought for one another. We’ve stood with our brothers and sisters in corrections when they were treated unfairly by department managers. We’ve pushed back when faced with retaliation against our right to take action in the workplace as a union. And we’ve succeeded in making changes in our workplaces to ensure we are in the best position to do our jobs. 

I am proud to be president of our union because together, as AFSCME, we’ve been able to accomplish so much to improve our lives and the communities we serve.  

Collective bargaining will allow us to accomplish so much more in the years to come.  

But we can only do this together. So make sure you’re a member and talk to your co-workers about becoming a member.