Correctional officers file for collective bargaining recognition

On August 23, our corrections unit made history by becoming the first AFSCME unit to file for collective bargaining recognition with the state. Our unit of correctional officers achieved majority support to ask to be recognized by the state as our union, AFSCME Local 4041.  

As AFSCME, we’ve fought off privatization of our work. We’ve won raises and improvements to our health insurance. We’ve used Meet and Confers and Labor Management Committees to make meaningful changes in our workplace. And this year, we banded together to win collective bargaining rights for all Nevada state employees.  

Through collective bargaining, we are confident that we can change the culture of corruption within the Nevada Department of Corrections. A seat at the bargaining table will allow us to make the lasting changes to improve our working conditions and lives, which will also improve the services we provide to keep our communities safe.  

Recognition as AFSCME means we are joining 1.4 milling public employees, including 65,000 AFSCME correctional officers, across the country. That gives us access to resources to address the many problems we face in the workplace every day, like understaffing, mandatory overtime and accountability. For decades AFSCME members have fought for and won strong contracts. That’s the experience and expertise we need as we get to work on our first contract.  

Filing for certification is the next step in getting to the bargaining table. While the certification process plays out there is still work to do. We still need to strengthen our union by making the case to more workers to join together and getting active in our Member Action Teams. The stronger we are now, the better position we will be to negotiate our first contract.  

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