Correctional Officers Taking Action

AFSCME members know that if you want to get something done, it takes action. Throughout the state of Nevada, Correctional Officers from AFSCME Local 4041 have been active in addressing the issues within the Department of Corrections by holding Meet and Confers with department directors and wardens to improve the working conditions of all DOC employees. 

Several issues were on their agenda, including ensuring the transition back to 12-hour shifts, proper tactical defense training and improving low staffing levels to create safer working conditions. Also, members want to ensure that the next fiscal budget includes sufficient funding for facility repairs and maintenance.

When asked about the progress of the meetings, Joe Roberts, Correctional Officer and AFSCME Regional Vice President, said, “The meet and confers went well. Overall the meetings have been a success in my book. Everyone seemed very receptive, and we are getting things done." Through these meeting, steps have been made with administration to address our issues including preserving many 12 hour shift positions at Warm Springs Correctional Center, getting locks and other security concerns addressed more quickly, continuously monitoring staffing levels, addressing local concerns at each institution, pushing for more training and training opportunities, and gathering details to push for more funding for staff and officers, equipment and training, and preparing to ask for better contribution rates in pension, better pay and health care benefits in bargaining.

AFSCME members know the importance of keeping up the pressure. They will persist in holding Meet and Confers with wardens and department directors to continuously address officer and support staff concerns.