Corrections Workers are Recharging

Over the last few months, correctional officers and non-custody staff across Nevada are recharging local chapters of Local 4041. These corrections chapters allow workers to create a system within the larger union to address their specific needs as Corrections employees. Since the beginning of the year, four corrections chapters have restarted: Great Basin, Corrections South, Corrections North, and Big Meadows.   

Coming Together for Solutions and Accountability 

Both non-custody and custody staff face inherent dangers just by showing up to their jobs every day. While policies and procedures are in place to keep both staff and inmates safe, understaffing and lack of resources make this dangerous job more unsafe. In April, Correctional Officer Kelvin Chung was attacked by two inmates when he was put in an unsafe position when instructed to break policy to distribute canteen. But with these renewed chapters, workers are coming together to find solutions to hold facility management accountable to providing a safe workplace. 

“The only way anything will get done is by standing together as a union to push for changes. We have to be the ones to hold management accountable to the issues we face in the workplace,” said Joe Roberts, a correctional officer and president of the Big Meadows Chapter.    

Meet and Confer 

Corrections workers have also participated in Meet and Confer meetings to bring up workplace issues with the wardens of their facilities. These meetings allow staff to work with management in creating solutions to issues like break times or faulty equipment.   

“As our union works with the state on setting up the collective bargaining process, there are still things we can do now to make changes in our workplace through Meet and Confers. Our local chapter allows us to concentrate on the administrative changes we can fight for now, to make our workplaces safer and fairer,” said James Underwood, a Correctional Caseworker and vice president of the Great Basin Chapter.  

Different Facilities. Similar Issues. 

These local chapters also allow corrections staff to form alliances among their coworkers at different facilities; creating unity among correctional staff.   

“Being on the chapter board, I've learned that correctional officers and non-custody staff face similar issues across the various facilities. When we bring up issues at our Meet and Confer, we’re not just fighting for changes at our facility, but we are pushing for changes that may affect my AFSCME brothers and sisters at other facilities too,” said Shari Kassebaum, a Correctional Sargent and president of the Corrections Southern Chapter.  

These correctional chapters are a step towards building a strong union, through focusing on workplace issues they can change now. Learn more at