Fall Stewards Training

This weekend, Nevada State Employees came together for a one-day training designed to give them the knowledge and tools needed to build a strong, active and effective workplace leaders. The training gave the stewards practical methods to represent and mobilize workers as well as a breakdown of how securing collective bargaining rights can improve the wages, benefits and working conditions for state employees.

Additionally, the new stewards learned how to navigate the Nevada Administrative Codes to work toward a more fair and equitable process for all state employees. We closed the day with a plan to reach out to all new employees to let them know the benefits of standing together that we have a stronger voice on the job so that we can provide a better service to the communities that we serve.

When asked about the importance of the training, Deborah Hinds, a new steward, said: " This course helped me better educate myself so I can better educate my coworkers. I want to make sure that I'm active in my union and help my coworkers but I can't do that without the know-how."

"This stewards training is an essential course because it helped me understand how big a difference I can make in the professional lives of my coworkers," said Grey Martin, Groundskeeper V at Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health. 

Below are just a few images from the training. Interested in becoming a steward, please contact us at [email protected].