Nevada families depend on a fully staffed state workforce

As a Social Worker for the state of Nevada, I work to find homes for kids in rural Nevada. It’s an amazing feeling finding a family that is a good match for a child and knowing they’ll have a permanent home.  

The issue I’d like to address through collective bargaining is understaffing. There are simply too many kids in need of homes and not enough staff to place them. It’s a very stressful job and for every two people who are brought on three people leave. 

To us this Senate Bill 135, a bill to allow for collective bargaining for state employees, means an open line of communication with management, making sure we’re working as a team and that our employer has our backs. That kind of support would go a long way in helping staff retention; which would allow us to be more efficient in finding families for Nevada’s children.  

State employees care about our communities. We deserve a voice on the job to ensure we have the resources, including proper staffing, to ensure healthy and safe homes for all kids. 

Please join me in letting our state legislatures know collective bargaining is important to state employees. Click here to send a letter to your legislators in support of SB135.