Second Unit of State Employees File for Collective Bargaining Recognition

For years the work we do has increasingly become more dangerous. Not because of the clients we serve, but because changes in workplace policies put our safety at risk. This year we are ready to push back, and with our new collective bargaining rights, we have a way to do just that. That’s why those of us who provide health care support services have joined AFSCME and filed with the state for collective bargaining recognition.  

Every day, we provide care to the most vulnerable Nevadans. As developmental support techs, mental health techs and activities support techs, we help those with mental and behavioral health disabilities live comfortable lives. As certified nursing assistants, dental assistants, licensed practical nurses and pharmacy techs, we fulfill the state’s responsibility to provide health care services to those under the state’s care. As group supervisors, childcare workers and family support workers, we make sure the most at-risk youth have a shot to reach their full potential. We are proud of the services we provide to the communities we serve, but we know we deserve respect from our employer for the important work we do.  

Collective bargaining gives us a seat at the table where decisions about our workplaces are made; and the opportunity to make sure we have a say in the policies that dictate how we provide care. Collective bargaining also allows up to have a say in policies that affect our safety on the job.  

But we can’t do this alone. As health care professionals, we must come together to fight for the respect on the job that we deserve. We are excited to be the first group of health care workers to file for collective bargaining recognition but can’t make changes in our workplace without support from all health care workers.  

While the collective bargaining certification process plays out, we must continue to strengthen our union by becoming members and getting active in our Member Action Teams. The stronger we are with all health care workers, the better positioned we will be to negotiate our first contract.  

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