The Union Difference: Furlough Reimbursement

After months of member actions, in January Nevada state employees received reimbursement for furlough leave taken in 2021. American Rescue Plan Act funds were used to provide state workers with up to 48 hours of furlough reimbursement 

“As front-line workers, Nevada state employees proudly served our communities through the pandemic,” said Harry Schiffman, President of AFSCME Local 4041. “We are glad the state heard the voices of state employees, who have been advocating for ARPA funds to reimburse furlough leave from 2021, as we negotiated with the state in 2020.”  

With thousands of dollars back in our pockets, having a strong union makes a difference in what it means to be a state employee.  

Maurice Phillips, Developmental Specialist, Autism Treatment Assistance Program:  I was able to put the back pay into my personal rainy-day fund. I felt appreciated, knowing my union had our backs in fighting to get our money back.”  

Brenda Alacorn, Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP) Developmental Specialist: "We work hard for our communities, remotely and in the office. Winning furlough reimbursement is getting the respect we deserve for the work we do.”  

Evelyn Carillo, Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP) Developmental Specialist: “It was very. helpful and a big relief to be able to help my daughter with her college tuition this semester. Having a union makes a difference for my family.” 

Renee Browne, Childrens Services Developmental Specialist: “The pay-back meant the world to me. It meant I could catch up on medical bills and level the playing field for the year ahead.” 

Brittany Estin, Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP) Developmental Specialist: “I felt that the State cared about the work I did, especially during COVID." 

Courtney Reid, Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP) Developmental Specialist: The furlough pay back was certainly an incentive for me to stay on as a State employee. There’s so much we can improve by having a strong union.” 

Diana Unaite, Children’s Services Developmental Specialist: “I felt appreciated as a state employee to get that money back, especially after having to make hard financial decisions during COVID. I could catch up a bit.”