We Are Nevada State Employees: Rosina Barrientos

For many Nevadans, state services are vital in keeping their families healthy and strong. Rosina Barrientos helps families navigate through the labyrinth of public services available to help families thrive. 

As a development specialist 3, Rosina works with Nevada families to connect them with resources to support the care and growth of their children with special needs. Her current caseload serves families of medically fragile children, including children with diagnosis of autism and down syndrome.  

“I am proud to work for the state being able to help our communities find the support they need to care for their families. If the families are happy, then I know I am doing a good job and making a difference.” 

As a Spanish speaker, Rosina works with families historically left out of vital public services due to language barriers. From translating documents or explaining in Spanish how a service works, Rosina helps make public services more available to all Nevadans. 

“Being able to help families in Spanish is extremely important to me. A lot of times these families are scared and don’t know what resources are available to them or their children. Non-English speakers are part of our community too, and they deserve support too.”