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Organizing a union means talking to your coworkers about coming together to build power. Building power makes our union stronger and better able to deliver improvements to our working conditions.
Today, AFSCME Local 4041 reached an agreement with the state of Nevada over longevity pay and other provisions of AB522. This agreement comes after AFSCME members took legal action in December over the state's refusal to award longevity pay to all eligible state workers.

For years the work we do has increasingly become more dangerous. Not because of the clients we serve, but because changes in workplace policies put our safety at risk. This year we are ready to push back, and with our new collective bargaining rights, we have a way to do just that.

In 2018, workers at UCAN, a social service agency in Illinois, organized and fought for union recognition as AFSCME. Read below about why workers fought for their union rights to improve their working conditions and lives. 

On September 2, AFSCME members from across the state came together for the annual Virginia City Labor Day Parade. After marching down the streets of one of Nevada’s oldest cities, workers from various unions and their families enjoyed a BBQ picnic. This annual parade celebrates Nevada’s rich union history and the contributions working people make to the Silver State.

On August 23, our corrections unit made history by becoming the first AFSCME unit to file for c

For decades, members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME, have been at the forefront of advocating for Nevada state employees at the biennial sessions of the Nevada Legislature. Over the years, we have fought for pay raises, ending furloughs and preventing privatization of state services. This year, we won a longtime goal of the union- the right to collective bargaining for over 20,000 employees.

My name is Aaron Carson, a Group Supervisor II at Summit View Youth Center. I am also an AFSCME member of our Labor Management Committee. A huge benefit about being in an LMC is that rank and title holds no weight inside an LMC meeting.

Over the last few months, correctional officers and non-custody staff across Nevada are recharging local chapters of Local 4041. These corrections chapters allow workers to create a system within the larger union to address their specific needs as Corrections employees. Since the beginning of the year, four corrections chapters have restarted: Great Basin, Corrections South, Corrections North, and Big Meadows.   

As presidential candidates gathered at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on August 3 for AFSCME’s Public Service Forum, Local 4041 members were ready to question the candidates about their commitment to protecting public services and to workers who dedicate their lives to their communities.