AFSCME Members are hard at work to continue winning for all state employees in 2024!
After fighting for and winning longevity pay in the legislature, the first payments went out on Friday. However, Governor Lombardo refuses to follow the law and is withholding this money from hundreds of state workers.
Today, the Department of Administration confirmed that they plan to honor the $500 quarterly retention bonus we negotiated in our collective bargaining agreement.
This week our AFSCME Local 4041 Bargaining Team is in Carson City negotiating wages for our next contract. While this contract will only cover workers who are in certified bargaining units, what we accomplish at the bargaining table will affect wages for all state employees. How would a substantial wage increase affect you and your ability to serve Nevada? Share your story with us!
AFSCME Local 4041 members agree that the Governor’s proposed wage increase does not go far enough in supporting state workers to ensure the services that keep our communities strong are provided by a stable workforce. Wages for state employees at all agencies and departments need significant improvement to be brought closer to parity with workers at county and city agencies that do similar work, not just law enforcement.
Members of AFSCME Local 4041 are mobilizing to have a say in our working conditions, after Governor Lombardo signed an executive order removing telework options for Nevada state employees.
Click here answers from the State of Nevada on questions about the 2021 furlough reimbursements.
It is up to you to ensure the state follows through with reimbursing furloughs – join your coworkers in calling into the IFC meeting on Thursday, December 15 at 9am to ask the legislature to approve furlough reimbursements. Read on for more details.
As the union for Nevada state employees, AFSCME Local 4041 has fought for and won improvements to our lives, working conditions and the services we provide.
We are very pleased to see Governor Sisolak keeping his commitment to our state workers and honoring our collective bargaining agreement by requesting a bill that will appropriate funds for the 3% wage increase negotiated by AFSCME for the 2021 fiscal year.